About CS:GO Skin Banking

We are pleased to announce that beginning now, you can now buy and sell skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! We first assured CS:GO service in our blog article, Looking Forward to 2017, and under a month after we are delivering on this promise. This is merely the beginning: we will be adding support for more types of CS:GO products, and iterating on how we manage them, at the forthcoming months.

Purchasing and Selling Skins
To purchase or sell skins, go over to the csgo trade skins banking webpage, and select to either purchase or sell skins. When purchasing skins for us, we’ll cover you in Team Fortress 2 Crate Keys and Refined Metal (and will shortly be adding support for CS:GO keys too). When purchasing skins, you might also provide your own skins to market at precisely the exact same moment — and when your given skins are equal or above the cost of these skins you are buying, you won’t require any TF2 things to trade in any way.

To aid with finding exactly the skins you would like, StatTrak things are displayed above all non-StatTrak products. csgo trade skins are sorted in descending order of rarity, and then cost — so a skin care skin will always be displayed before a restricted skin, however a two crucial Restricted skin will appear before a 1 crucial Restricted skin. You could also use the search bar to search for text phrases from the name or description of these skins exhibited.

The Future
Presently, this is really a skins-for-TF2-items (and vice versa) service. However, why stop there? In the near future, we’ll enable you to cover with CS:GO Case Keys, also will be implementing strategies to let you pay the tiny differences in cost without having to cover TF2 items. We will, naturally, still encourage TF2 things also.

We’ll also be increasing the selection of skins which we take. Presently, we take part in skins under a particular price, but we’ll be quickly expanding the limitation because we nail down the specifics of our skin care system. Moreover, we’ll be more adding CS:GO Knife Support, which means that you can purchase and sell your knives to the most suitable Steam Trading site ever produced.

We are dedicated to providing the absolute best service for every one of our clients, no matter which games they play or Trade in. The near future of ScrapTF is one which has something for everybody — and remains the quickest and most effective automated trading site in life.