All the information about microcontroller

The microcontroller is something that is used in almost every device such as robotic manufacturing or any biomedical devices they are almost used in every device. But it is very necessary to select the right microcontroller for your application. A microcontroller is known as a computer. Whether it’s a personal desktop or a micro frame computer, but microcontrollers have various things in common.

A microcontroller is a small computer that is integrated into a single circuit. It is a system that is programmed on a chip. A microcontroller consists of two or more CPU with memory and different types of input and output peripherals. They are usually designed for embedded applications which consist of various discrete chips.
Use of micro controller
The microcontroller is mainly used in devices that are automatically controlled, such as an automobile, engines, implantable medical devices, power tools toys, etc. by reducing the cost and the size that is being designed they are being used in a microprocessor, the microcontroller can make it very economical to use.
There is some micro controller which uses four-bit words with the frequency that is as low as 4kH; they generally have the ability to wait for an event such as button press, or other input they do not have the power to work on their own.
The microcontroller contains several types of general purpose input and output pins. GPIO pins are configurable to software when these pins are configured to the input they are usually used to read the external signals. GPIO pins can easily drive external devices through external power such as LED or motor.
There are many systems that read sensors that produce signals through analog. The microcontroller is not installed in an external address like PAM and nonvolatile memory on the same chip as CPU. You can use few pins in a cheaper package to make them work. They are the best and can be installed in even smaller devices.