Clash Royale Tips from Top Player

Now hello men, I’d like to tell you couples of excellent clash royale hack. The Tower of the King just gets activated when you hit it or when you ruin an Arena Tower. Generally, you need to prevent activating it. Be cautious when you use your dash cards that are damaging!
Occasionally, you enter the clash with a Hog half way to your Tower. Wonder why? Simply pat on your display if it is revealing the names of your opponent and you then can see the clash instantly.
The center of your side of the map is the kill zone. You should entice the enemy troops from your Towers -> you’ll be able to get more hits before it reaches you. You may also entice them to one other side (Read more about this at here).
Occasionally, you should not have any great card to defend, it is better to launch a push on the other lane.
The Tower of the King has a lot of more HP compared to Arena Towers. Generally, do not focus on attacking it to get the 3 crown triumph.
Clash Royale troops have a deployment time. Because it affects the gameplay a lot try to recall this. For example. It is possible to counter it when you drop your Infant Dragon to deal with the approaching Minion Horde in front of. But If set your Dragon into the midst of a Minion Horde, it’ll be killed instantly. Understanding the deployment time helps you playing with clash royale cheats much more easily.
Hold your finger down on a card and it is possible to see how much damage it does and how HP it’s. That is invaluable if you want to use your Charms to take down Tower that is weakened,
Occasionally, attempting to secure to get a tie is urged if your deck can be completely countered by your competitor!