Data Recovery Service: All hard drives are not the same?

A hard drive is a storage device that is located next to other components inside your computer. It is necessary for all processors to be able to store all your information permanently. Each hard disk drive is composed of one or more discs coated in a magnetic field, usually, they can be made of materials such as aluminum, ceramic or glass, and when your computer is on hard drive trays rotate to a speed defined by each model that is measured in revolutions per minute.

Nowadays the use of the glass disc has been replacing the ceramic and aluminum facts, as a result of the technological advances, the manufacturers prefer to use glass compounds and magnesium alloys that offer superior quality, reducing the vibration of the discs hard at high speed and improve the transfer of files.
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Before buying a hard drive it is necessary to know all the necessary features according to your needs and the use you are going to give it. All hard drives are not equal, their performance and durability vary according to the type of material, use, speed and other variables. Hard drives are sensitive to shocks and vibrations, so proper handling is important for their conservation.
Today the SSDs came to help overcome many of the problems we encountered in traditional hard drives. SSD stands for Solid State Drive and belongs to the new generation of storage devices for processors such as USB and memory cards of digital cameras.