Do Good to Be Powerful to Defend Negativity

Believe it or not, but world is full of negativity and lot of negative things are going around you. May not have a feeling right now but when you come to know, it is too late. You feel helpless and no one can rescue you from the adverse. You might be thinking it as an imagination. No, it isn’t like that because every one’s life has pluses and minuses but we feel ourselves to be too powerful to combat with contrary in life. If you think the same way, you’re at fault. Maybe you have everything in your life and your life is purposeful, but there are hidden secrets you never know. This is negativity or say negative power that rules this world along with God.

Live a positive life

Life is a precious gift of God. Remember if someone had ever given you some precious birthday present years back, but you remember him forever. Then why not you remember God who has given most precious gift no one can give you. This is the point where our sufferings start. We are inviting negativity to rule because we forget the impact of positive spiritual power we possess. You can be physically strong but you can’t defend the negativity without a spiritual power. You see Bible Images – in homes and in churches. The images are like your spy cam or home security system to keep surveillance on adverse things. You can live a positive life if you put negativity on surveillance so that it may not enter your life. Have a faith in God’s existence and God will make your existence purposeful.

Do good in your life

When you do good in your life means you believe in existence of God. Good people are often pious and believe in God’s existence in every creature of the Universe. Negativity supports bad things and strong spirit defies negativity’s attack. You can acquire a spiritual power by being in the good books of God for all your good work.