Does The X4 Labs Penis Extender Work?

The X4 Labs Male Enhancement Penis Extender was designed to provide men great benefits ranging from penis stretching to correction of certain types of penile disorders.

What exactly is the X4 Labs Penis Extender?

The X4 Extender is a medical device created and manufactured to help men to enhance the size of their penis, cure peyronie’s disease and curvature of the penis without the need for invasive or surgical procedures. It is designed to be a fast size extender.
The latest clinical research on products such as these have testified to the fact that a good penis extender can significantly enhance the penis size and correct the penis curvature up to 90%. Principal surgeons specializing in both surgical and non-surgical means of penile augmentation, around the world (including England, United States, Russia and Canada) endorse the X4 Labs Penis Extender to their patients.
Included in every pack with the Penis Extender are an instructional DVD, an instructions booklet and access to the X4 Labs info-website. You also get an informative, yet free e-book. As well as being the most inexpensive penis extender device available in the market, the X4 Labs penis stretcher comes with many additional free bonuses! In this X4 labs review, we’ll address all these benefits as well.

What You Get

The Bonus DVD – The Art of Seductive Sex Positions
The X4labs penis device comes with a bonus DVD on the Art of Seductive Sex Positions that guides you through a number of innovative postures to enhance your sexual experience. There is a highlighted feature by in addition to the 30 different positions shown for you to practice with your partner. Worth $39.99, you get this amazing DVD included in your package for free! Learn more at
The great features of this DVD include erotic foreplay teasers, an interactive motion menu and in-depth biographies of the delightful hosts Crystal Lowe and Natasha Ray.
This Sex instruction DVD is included in every pack of the X4Labs Review – Gold Edition, thus making it the best medical penis stretcher package ever. Only by using the X4 Stretcher one can appreciate why it is rated as the Number 1 male enhancement device in the market. The basic package starts at £124 but with the discount code that I will give you shortly that gives you a $75 discount, you may as well get the X4 Extender Gold Premium Package.


Does the use of X4Labs Penis Extender really result in enhancement of the penis?
Well, we’ve figured it out and the answer is YES! The penis stretcher device that is the X4 Enhancer, utilizes the body’s natural ability to regenerate by applying gentle pressure to the surface of the penis. The cellular division resulting from the regeneration of cells leads to the enlargement of the penile shaft both from the outside and the within. So as this is happening, you will begin to see a change in the width and length of your penis that stays and doesn’t go away once you finish using the penis stretching device. Men who regularly use the X4 penis extender device normally experience 2-3 inches increase in the penis length and 35%-50% improvement in the width or girth of their penis.
Will the X4 Penis Extender device better your sexual performance?
Well, the study also highlighted the point that using a penis extender can result in better sexual stamina and improved strength of the erections. The X4 labs penis extender enhances the natural blood circulation process to and from the penis’s body due to its exclusive modeling and the ‘Comfort Strap’ technology.