Ideal document storage environment

When you are considering a professional storage company to take care of your document storage needs, you may enquire if they have the following facilities. These facilities related to environment quality are very important as they will affect how well your documents are stored and preserved, especially if you are going to store it for a very long time.
First and foremost, you must only choose a storage facility that has air conditioning and also climate control. Just air conditioning alone is not enough. Climate control will ensure that temperature stays constant which is very important for the long life of your documents. Climate control will also mean that humidity is always controlled. As you might already know, humidity levels play a major role in the health of your documents, especially when given a lot of time.
Since Hong Kong can experience vast changes in temperature and humidity levels during different parts of the day, it is important that you choose a storage facility that uses state of the art climate control.
It is also imperative that you choose a facility that has air purification. Without air purification, your document can be affected by dust, odours and even infections and infestations. Dust is by far the biggest problem and they will somehow find a way to affect your documents if they enter the storage environment. This is why a professional storage company like records storage Hong Kong Company does a great job tackling dust, making sure it is never an issue.
Additionally, you must also ask if the storage facility will have CCTV camera for security, access control, anti-theft systems and alarms and also good fire and flood protection. It will also be ideal if the company has been in business for a long time, with prominent clients already using them for their document storage needs.