Quit Your Dog Chewing Furniture With This Two-Step Method

A dog chewing furniture really is a somewhat expensive issue for everyone to dismiss, as they can tear holes in the couch, make unsightly teeth marks in chairs and table, and in extreme instances are proven to chew their way directly through plaster-board walls!

Even though it may seem strange, so as to prevent your puppy chewing furniture, then you need to firstly admit that chewing gum is normal dog behavior and second, it’s unrealistic to expect them to quit chewing completely. To begin with, chewing gum is a significant part a puppy’s growth and is required to aid their teeth undergo. Therefore, though a puppy’s drive to chew over is likely to reduce with age, the best you can aim for is to maintain their chewing to proper things, like their very own chew toys!
A Two-Step Approach to Prevent Your Dog Fixing the Furniture
The first step would be to take prompt action which will limit any additional harm, as you get to grips with step two, which entails getting to the root of your pet chewing gum issue and will take somewhat longer. Only by knowing the reasons why your puppy is chewing gum furniture, are you going to be able to choose the proper actions that will prevent the chewing indefinitely and permit you to expect your puppy.
Step 1 would be to Limit the Damage Due to Dog Chewing
The practical things that you can do immediately to restrict the damage brought on by dog chewing gum are simple and easy to accomplish.
Do not let your puppy have unsupervised access to furniture that they could chew. This means do not let them maintain a room by themselves without anyone to watch on them.
If you head out either restrict their access to a single room that has nothing in it which may be ruined, or use a dog crate or kennel run.
Use baby gates to prevent them accessing places where you can not trust them, such as upstairs.
You can try spraying on furniture together with chewing gum deterrents such as anti chew spray, which will have to be re-applied frequently. Feedback indicates this does not work for many dogs as some do not appear to get bothered by the flavor. Remember that it will not really teach your puppy not to think about furniture, simply not that piece of furniture!