Simple Ways to Regrow Your Hair Naturally

Hair loss is loss of abnormal amount of hair from the head. Hair loss can occur in both males and females. Causes of hair loss can be varied like genetic, alopecia, hormonal, outcome of medications etc. The first step towards treatment of hair loss is finding the correct cause of the same. Proper diagnosis can help in giving the accurate treatment to hair loss.

Reasons for hair loss
There are several reasons that can cause hair loss or baldness. To regrow your hair, you must know the underlying cause for your hair fall.
• Disturbance in production of hormones by the thyroid gland can result in hair loss.
• Poly-cystic ovary can also be one of the causes.
• Alopecia is a disorder that can cause hair loss.
• Presence of scalp infections can cause hair fall.
• Hair fall can also be an after effect of pregnancy.
• Using contraceptive pills can result in hair loss.
• Not following proper diet also causes hair fall, thus healthy diet forms the base of regrow hair protocol.
• Chemotherapy can also be a reason for hair loss.
• Excessive stress can also be a cause.

Simple products that can be used to prevent hair loss
Few easily accessible products can be used to control hair loss:
• Applying coconut milk on the scalp and leaving it on for approximately twenty minutes followed by rinsing of hair with cold water can help people suffering from hair fall.
• Neem leaves can be boiled in water till water level becomes half of its original, this mixture can be used to wash the hair after it has cooled down.
• Aloe vera gel can be applied on clean scalp and massaged. This can then be rinsed with cold water.
• Gooseberries can be boiled in coconut milk till it turns black, then the oil has to be cooled and applied to the scalp. After 15 – 20 minutes the hair needs to be shampooed.

Following these easy remedies can help in preventing hair fall and stimulate growth of hair as well. Links like healthyusa tips to grow hair can also be viewed to get more ways to grow new hair.