Low cost dedicated servers- your storage solution

Are you running your business on the computer? You just need a secure server that can store your all data in their system. Any kind of information is very much valuable for you and you have to protect them at any cost. Therefore, low cost dedicated servers are there to help you to get your data secure.

Finding the best servers
If you want servers in the market, then you can get lots of server provider companies who provide services for you but there is something which must know before choosing servers. Some of the company offers you low cost server which is much cheaper than others but after few times you will get the additional cost for each of the server’s services.
You will get a huge bill on end of the period. The price will increase in front of your eyes and you have can’t do anything on that because of terms and conditions. So, if you want low cost dedicated servers then you have to think about this type of flaws. Well, this company is providing you with the best service without any hidden cost.

About low cost dedicated servers
The company is giving you the server that is easy to access as well as advance designed for keeping tons of data for you. Some of the offering servers are:
• Intel Core2 5650 2X2.66 GHz- 8GB RAM with storage 500GB SATA and 5TB traffic which will cost $39.
• Processor of Intel Core2 5650 4X2.66 GHz, ram 10GB, storage 1TB SATA and 12TB traffic- It will cost $59
• Duel-Core 5650 6X2.66 GHz, ram 12GB, storage 1TB SATA and traffic of 12TB- it will cost $79.95.
• Duel-Core 8X2.66 GHz, ram 16GB, storage 2TB SATA and 12TB cloud traffic- cost will be $89.95.
• Duel-Core 10X2.66 GHz, ram 32GB, storage 2X1TB SATA and 20TB traffic- cost near to $99.95.
• Duel-Core 12X2.66 GHz, ram 64GB, 2TB SATA storage and traffic of 20TB- $149.95 price
So, these are the option for your low cost dedicated servers. Choose among these and enjoy your server as per your requirement.

Perth Dedicated Servers: Reasons to Use Dedicated Server

There are hardly any organizations or businesses that do not have any online activity. Even small startups do have reputed online website. And when it comes to online activity everybody wants to be double sure about everything.

As online activity helps the business to grow in many ways similarly if you don’t use responsibly then you have to face many problems later. If you choose a reliable dedicated servers plan, then you can save all online threads for your business. The reasons you need to have dedicated server are like:
Perth dedicated servers provide security:

The best thing a dedicated server will serve your business is security. When your business involves many only activity and transactions there are many ways you can face frauds. You and your client’s credentials are needs to be safe and secure. The only dedicated server can serve you this. Your all data will be safe and secure from any outside threads.

Better performance:

As your business grows your online page traffics grows alongside. The more traffic your online page will have the slower it will start working. The age loading time will also increase. And if you can’t solve such problem and provide a good service there will be chances to lose some of your clients. So that’s one big reason to have Brisbane dedicated servers.
Supports customization:

Today’s reliable dedicated servers provide easy customization also. Whether you want to add some more memory to your RAM or you want to change something in your CPU you can do that easily. You can also change or customize any software function too. In case you face any problem you will get a 24*7 customer help from your dedicated server hosting provider too.

Perth dedicated servers are not too expensive too. They provide huge options in different price range. So that from big businesses to small new startups can also take those advantages. Having such benefits, you must consider having a dedicated server for your business.