What are the new features coming up with SQL Server 2016?

With time there are many new software and products coming up which is known to have amazing new features. Every year a new version of the original product is seen coming up where developers are adding new features. It is important to constantly keep updating the new versions to avail latest features. The same holds with SQL Server 2016 and there are many new added features coming up with the product. Before buying any suitable version users can go through microsoft licensing details online and accordingly fix the deal. With time these versions are getting simplified and easier to use.

The all new SQL Server 2016 simplifies the process of implementing all databases in the cloud and accelerates the whole movement of databases between cloud servers as well as on-site servers. To empower this there are contained databases introduced in SQL Server 2016 which will specifically address the issue and move the databases from in-house and cloud servers. Users can get Microsoft licensing details and information about all latest products online. Based on the need you can compare all key features of different products and buy the right one. The new SQL Server Data Tools are a development platform which can be used for creating database solutions for different target platforms.
With SQL Server there come options for both offline as well as online development, all these changes can be applied directly to the server. What’s more interesting about database projects is that it can be realized as DAC or data tier application, a concept that was introduced in previous version for easy and hassle free deployment on cloud based servers. There are many more Microsoft licensing details which you need to know about the new product or version. Online portals can give you necessary information about the product; take into consideration all these details before buying the version.