The Story of My First Timeshare Presentation

I like travel and I enjoy staying in pleasant areas where I’m likely to be any amount of time. If I am only doing a quick fast, a reasonably priced resort like Holiday Inn Express (my currently favorite fast trip place to remain) is nice. When I will be somewhere for a week or two longer, I would like a nice comfy spot to stay with of the conveniences. Because of this I have a few timeshare presentation deals or holiday programs.

My Very First Timeshare Demo
It had been about ten years back when I wanted to find out what timeshares were about. I got a card in the mail for a time share presentation. The emphasis on the advertising card wasn’t the presentation, but the presents you’d get if you moved. The “free” gifts would be the bait because people believe that they can defy the sales presentation.

My first presentation was using a company named Ramada. They had been trying to sell a timeshare in Colorado with all the emphasis on winter sports. In addition they had a version 2-bedroom lodging built on the revenue website which was in Texas.

These people at Ramada are difficult sell people. They push and they push and they push. People who need the “free” gifts remain. Others, even if they don’t need the presents, do not understand how to wake up and walk outside.

Once I did not purchase the Colorado home, then they changed strategies. They provided a “lot” on Orlando. Again, higher pressure approaches were the standard. If you’re at all vulnerable to sales pitches and you truly don’t wish to spend your cash in timeshare presentation deals, do not go! I have a propensity to dig heals from the longer I am forced to purchase… and that I did dig in my heels.