Top duties of housemaid employment agencies

When a homeowner wants to hire a foreign domestic helper(外傭), the homeowner will use an employment agency to hire the best overseas or local domestic helper. This factor has made most employers come to believe that the only duty of these agencies is to recruit housemaids. However, the reality is that employment agencies have many duties they must perform. Basically, the primary business of employment agencies is to recruit domestic helpers and match them with the right homeowner or employer. However, after matching a housemaid with the right potential employer, it is the agency’s function to guide both the housemaid and the employer through the hiring process.

It is the responsibility of the housemaid (菲傭) agency to handle all paperwork associated with employing the housemaid. This can include ensuring that the contract is filled out correctly, signing the contract accordingly and submitting all the relevant documents for visa application. The contract must be notarized during visa application. The notarization can only happen at the country’s consulate. Therefore, it is the agency’s responsibility to ensure that this notarization is successful and that both the employer and the housemaid have signed a standard employment contract as outlined by the relevant government agencies.
The maid agency (女傭) must also help the maid to apply for a visa at immigration department. Unless the person to be employed as a maid has the visa, it will not be possible for the person to work in the country in any capacity. However, rules are different from one country to another. Apart from the above functions, it is also the agency’s responsibility to help a housemaid renew the employment contract, terminate the contract and book medical checkup. When it comes to the maid’s salary and placement fees, the agency can negotiate on the maid’s behalf with the employer.