Top factors that make online bookmakers limit professional accounts

If you have been winning consistently at a specific online betting site, you will notice that the online football bookie has put a limit on your account. This limit is mostly a betting maximum limit you can have in a day, week or month. When online bookmakers put limits to certain account, they usually assume that the punter who owns that account is a professional punter. There are many factors that contribute to online bookmakers assuming that certain punters are professional punters. One way is by determining whether the punter has increased his betting sizes and is starting to win consistently.

Secondly, they determine whether the punter had earlier signed up for bonuses and won a lot of money on massive wagers. Thirdly, they determine whether the punter is simply doing better than what earlier records showed. Whatever the case, most online bookmakers mostly associate certain accounts with professional playing if they have all reasons to believe that the player is making huge risks when placing bets and is winning those risky bets consistently.When bookmakers get the score of a given football event and find out that only few people won the event because they risked a lot, the bookmaker will be more inclined to permanently change that punter’s betting options.

There are several things professional punters can do to continue wagering at the site. If your betting options have been changed by the football agent, the first thing you need to do is to look for an online bookmaker who allows professional playing. In some cases, you may find that you were on a lucky streak and this lasted longer than what you anticipated. For this reason, you can move to a different bookmaker and take advantage of the welcome bonuses and continue with your winning streak. It is important to look for a bookmaker that allows players to enjoy improved profit margins without taking advantage of bonuses and promotions.

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