Top two factors to consider when choosing a video wall

There are two factors you should base on when choosing a video wall. These factors include number of images or pictures to display and commercial grade system. The number of images that will be shown on the LED Screen is important to consider. If you want a system that gives you the ability of:

• stretching and resizing video window,

• accepting various video sources all playing at the same time on the system,

• switching from single large images to multiple smaller-sized images

Then you should choose a system whose processor can set window arrays into multiple positions and variations.

Most control and command rooms use multi-window processors because they have many sources of visual information that must be viewed and monitored in real time. Some of these sources include 3D, computer data, broadcast, streaming video, surveillance, CCTV, etc. Knowing the correct source that should be viewed and displayed on the video wall LED Display will help to determine the type of processor needed and how it can be formatted.

Secondly, it is important to choose a commercial grade video wall for your premises. There is a huge difference between commercial grade and consumer grade displays. Generally, commercial grade displays are expensive than consumer grade displays. Commercial grade displays are made to operate for longer hours even in very hostile environments. These two types of displays have their differences, which exist from color control and temperature, mounting solutions, display run time, RS-232 communication, warranty and mean failure.

Needless to mention that an interactive Video Wall necessitates the use of a commercial grade system as it incorporates hardened glass and hardware for multi-touch capacity. But whether consumer grade or commercial grade display, the most important thing is to ensure that the system is installed by a professional to guarantee that the system will run optimally and offer best services for long.