What are different types of vibrators and their features?

Macromolecule medical silicon made full-size silicone dolls are most realistic and completely natural shine. You will amaze smooth feeling while you will touch these silicone dolls. The nice and lovely face will attract you.

Features of silicon dolls:
• High tech standard and super quality design
• Cost price is affordable
• Available with full silicone body having metal skeleton
• You will get three different openings such as mouth, vagina and anus.
• Realistic silicone 3D double sided body love doll
• Sex-flesh full-size Sammy sex doll.
Silicon dolls are a real sex doll. These sex dolls are available with full body size and part=-body sizes having a realistic mouth, Ass vagina, breast, thy, belly etc. These van-red dolls are basically used for displaying. These are really the work of art. The silky and smooth body of these type dolls will definitely not and excited you sexually. You will feel sex emotion obviously observing these silicone dolls. You will also get different types of vibrater which will surely excite you sexually.

The features of vibrators:
• Wireless distant, controlling massage having humanlike design
• Clinically approved gel along with super quality ABS which are fully waterproof. You can be able to wash these vibrators easily and cheaply. The surface of this imperceptible apparel massage is soft, smooth and there is no smell.
• These vibrators are very much strong. Seven different types of modes vibrating for analing the stimulator.
• Silicone type vibrator having G-spot stimulation is also most useful vibrator which is generally used by the couple.
• T-USB of the remote operating vibrator is rechargeable. These are user-friendly, and you can use this easily as well as effortlessly.

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