What are socialhacks and reasons for it?

Facebook is one of a social networking website. People tend to hack facebook for such reasons alone. People want to get more personal with the other person’s account. This is what a Facebook hack is. First of all it is necessary to understand what a social network is. There are many social networking websites which are available over the internet. People all over the world sit and register on such sites to ensure that they connect with others from different parts of the world. This is what the main advantage of a social networking website is.

A website which connects people socially is usually termed as a social networking website. There are various and many websites which are available and lots and lots of users from around the world regularly log in or register a new account.
When considering facebook hacking it can be said that it is carried out for different reasons. People hack facebook account due to tremendous reasons some of which can be like revenge, to improve friendship, to get into other persons secret life, to keep a watch on his or her partner. There is one more reason why people hack facebook accounts and the reasons is fun.
Facebook is a site for friends and families. However, there are friends who carry out pranks and like to play around with his or her friend’s facebook profile. This is why they tend to learn Facebook hacks. Facebook hacking is just like any other social networking website to hack, but with more security to break through.
When considering Socialhacks it can be said that hacks which are incorporated on social networking websites is termed as social hacks and they can be applied to any account from Facebook to gmail to yahoo mail. However, there are many more social networking sites.