Why buying of the medical marijuana Canada is illegal?

There are some of the sites where you can buy marijuana online, and the government is also legalized these sites. As you all know that marijuana had been banned in the world because this marijuana plant was been shelled in an illegal manner, so the government had banned this marijuana plant. As you all know that apart from making of weed this marijuana plant has lots of health benefits to cure the dangerous and the life threatening diseases such as it help to stop the growth of the cancer cell and it also helps to prevent the disease named Alzheimer’s disease.

Why is medical marijuana Canada been considered as an illegal?
Having all the health benefits of the marijuana plant then also medical marijuana Canada is been considered as an illegal plant, and the following are the reasons:
• This marijuana plant is been addictive. As marijuana plant is been used in making many addiction drugs and weed.
• Apart from having the medical value of the marijuana plant which is helped in the treatment of cancer and glaucoma. But this plant had not been accepted as a medicinal plant in the national level.
• The main and the most important of the illegal of the marijuana plant is that in the history of the plant this marijuana plant had found a linked up with the drugs name heroine.
• This marijuana plant is mainly associated with the unhealthy lifestyle.
What are the disadvantages of Marijuana plant?
buy weed online canada is always considered as the illegal task. The following are the disadvantages of the Marijuana plant, and they are:
• When using weed, it will block all your memories and their formation.
• It will also create a mess in your brain balance.
• Marijuana plant will increase the risk of depression
• Users of the weed may also experience the psychosis.