A funny prank with an inception of surprises

Christmas is a great time with all those beautiful songs and jingles all around. Lights sparkling everywhere and all the delicious food. The best season for gifts. And we can add holiday pranks in it and that’s the cherry on the cake. wengie pranks are here for everyone who wants to have a funny holiday this time.

Christmas pranks are so funny pranks and with the best people of the world this prank war can go on for ever. The holidaypranks can get you use your inner creativity and keep fooling around and enjoying all this fun. And the best prank is breaking the happy hopes of gifts. You can have so much fun watching there changing reaction on the Christmas gift.
In this funny prank you have to make a gift. Use a cooking pan now, put a box of iPhone in it. Inside the box there is no need to keep a real iPhone. Yup that is the prank. Now inside keep just one socks from the pair of socks and now wrap the pan properly with the iPhone box in it.
They won’t ever expect an iPhone seeing the wrapping of a pan. And so, there is zero expectations. Now when they open it they see an iPhone box in it making there hopes high and you can just sit back and enjoy their reactions when everything your gift does. And after they open the box, boom! They find just one legs socks. That is the epic reaction to enjoy here.
Isn’t it the inception of pranks. A prank inside a prank inside a prank. So awesome! A genius gift idea to fool your sibling and enjoy the reaction. This holidaypranks can always get better with more creative idea. So, sit down and think of what you want to do. And then enjoy the genius creativity with their ridiculous reactions.