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What do you known about Melvin Gregg?

Who’s Melvin Gregg? His Wiki: age, vines, net worth, brother, parents and family? On the 22nd of September, 1988; Melvin Gregg was born. He was born in Portsmouth, Virginia in the USA. Melvin is a social media personality and an actor. He found fame first through the release of videos on Vine, which isn’t functioning anymore. He gradually became among the top 100 personalities on the app where he had over 3.8 million followers. He then moved the posting of his videos to YouTube. He as well focuses more on the different acting ventures. He has appeared in some television shows and films. He has videos released via Instagram as well from time to time.

Viral videos of Melvin online
Melvin keeps a presence that is steady online. This is done via the different social media sites. He mostly posts videos to entertain the world and videos that showcase his talent of acting via YouTube. He has more than 320,000 subscribers to his YouTube account.
How wealthy is Melvin Gregg?
Sources make it known that, the Melvin currently stands at a net worth of $2 million. This was obtained through his thriving social media career including acting. Immediately he become famous online, his acting qualifications seemed to have increased too tremendously. With different prospects to work, you can achieve the right level of information and that is important. As he moves on with his career, there is an anticipation of net worth increment in the years to come.
Melvin’s personal life – does he have a girlfriend?
Melvin has made it known via social media that he is dating. However, the identity of the lucky girl is kept private. After he completed High School, he moved to Los Angeles, California. He did this to be open to more prospects as he studied. He enrolled in Old Dominion University where he studied marketing. Melvin appeared in the TV series “Caught”, “Immortals” and “Caught the Series”. He was in the 3rd season of “UnREAL” – a dating competition series. It was shot in 2017 and will be airing in 2018. He currently lives in Log Angeles.

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