How anime compares with other forms of entertainment

For the Japanese, they pride themselves in the best production known as anime and which is a very popular form of entertainment watched by almost everybody. Anime comes in the form of anime movies, tv shows and direct video releases. Unlike in Europe or America, the Japanese anime has a variety of genres and which are not just for the children neither is it just about violence and sex for adults. It is actually for everybody. Most anime movies come from manga which is a Japanese comic. In many occasions, though, the anime will usually come first then the manga follows next. But generally, anime usually comes from the manga series.

With the manga, these are sold in different anthologies which could either be weekly or monthly. But irrespective of the date of release, these comics attract a large number of readers. Just like the dubbed anime, the Japanese manga also comes in different genres and which are suitable for every age group. There is manga for women, girls, boys, businessmen, romance, adult titles, fashion and sports among others. Similarly, just like the anime movies are more popular on the internet and western countries, manga is very popular in Japan and a huge industry too.

Children have their own anime and which would include Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Pokemoon and Dragon Ball among others. Although you can watch anime online for free, the problem is that most of the content is dubbed and mostly edited. It is actually true that the original versions of the movies are different and more interesting compared to those that are made for America and European releases. Anime is also different compared to live-action. Anime attracts those that love animation and have a dislike in live-action just like it is for those that the love literal fiction but has a dislike for comics or graphic novels. click here to get more information 123.