How palmashow gained popularity

The two funny guys had their special evening show broadcasted for the first time on D8 at 20:50. Due to the fact that it was the first broadcast, it is not expected to pull so much crowd, because, it should actually pull less and maybe the next show will prove more, but this is not true for this show as the first show attracted more than 1,567,000 viewers, it had an audience share of 6.8%. This happened in the year 2014, in the month of May. By the month of November of the same month, these two released a DVD that covered all theirs shows and all their best sketches on palmashow the show. N the year 2015, in the month of February, these two announced that the part two of the palma show is in production. This was seen on their twitter account, and in the year 2016, month of June, they announced the production of their latest movie that was later released in the month of November, the same year 2016.

In the year 2010, a parodic show was made by the palmashow (le palmashow) on the station D8 (Direct 8). In this show, David and Greg personified two creators of jokes that were mistakenly hired on the station. This show helped this two to present their whole work to the public in general on a small screen. The program has in it, a season of 13 episodes, having 22 minutes each, in the program, they portrayed a view at the corporate world, music cinema and television. Though this was written by the palma show, and still directed by Jonathan Barre (their director). It was after the folk story of palmashow that David and Greg produced the short program, very bad jokes (very bad blagues). First season has in it 110 episodes with a duration of 2 minutes, 30 seconds on the average.