How Walking Dead Has Managed to Increase Fan Base

The Walking Dead Season has continued to win accolades and increased number of the fan base because of its rarity in story and movie genre. There are many people who live zombie films but this particular drama series will no doubt satisfy the needs such movie lovers if they sit down to watch the first season. Another reason why this drama series has continued to increase in a base is its cosmic story, which is rooted in a novel. So people who have read the novel will perfectly understand and be carried along eventually becoming a fan of the movie series.

The drama series has intelligent writers that ensure that people are never bored with the movie no matter How Many Seasons of Walking Dead are released into the market. They ensure that each season of the series have eight episodes each in two blocks so that people will not be bored and eventually get tired of the whole series. Each episode is unique and the end of one leaves viewers in suspense causing people to guess and await the next episode and season once a full season has been fully watched. People often fall in love with movies in which they have one or two cats they are familiar with.

The presence of Rick Grimes and other notable casts is also a plus to large fan base of the TV series. The movie has a wide range of casts such that it will almost be impossible for anyone who is a movie series lover to watch the Walking Dead without having one or two casts he or she knows and would be able to relate with personally from other movies. The movie is all about a world overthrown by zombies as Rick Grimes sojourn in it after waking from a coma having few people with him including one that soon became his helper later in season 4.