Know the wrongful categorization that leads to Amazon suspension

When there is the implementation of Amazon suspension, the seller is on a tide of uncertainty. ‘Why’ and ‘how’ is a general question that follows. The main concern of focus must be inevitably the cause. When Amazon suspends your account one fine day, it must not come as a surprise. Bad policies, terms and of course many complaints against you has brought on the day.

Poor policies:
Whenever, a seller follows poor service facilities and terms of action, the immediate result is customer reporting. Customers report and review against a seller with poor products, untimely delivery, and fake products. Fast and timely efficient delivery is a major pointer that determines the performance.
Amazon wishes for its sellers to attract more customers. Along with the breaching of terms and conditions, Amazon category approvals are a major influence in suspension of the seller account. Categorization of any product with the right tag is a must. If customers report on the falseness of the desired product, the inevitable result is a suspension of the seller account.
Why is categorization approval so important?
When you take a product and serve it to the customers, it gets a tagging. Similarly, products which are not widely known, get the approved tagging from the sellers and make an appearance on the online website. If there is a false tagging, customers can end up purchasing wrong products. This is an act of deceiving.
Hence, Amazon strictly does not allow the sellers to con the customers. To save and sustain the reputation infront of customers, Amazon takes the hard policy and suspends its sellers.
To bottle it up:
Amazon appeals clear the pathway for sellers. The act of suspension is not permanent. The seller assures Amazon that there will be no further wrong or misplaced products. This buys the trust of Amazon metric system as well as the possible future customers.