Procedures to Provide State of The Art Services by Cenegenics

People started finding the ways to restrict ageing many years ago. Once there was the only process of surgery that was very expensive and was not a cup of tea for all. But now a day’s many new age technology has been invented to stop ageing or to delay it. cenegenics deal with such medicines and they are in the course of providing the treatment in affordable cost. There are mainly two types of treatment to restrict ageing in human beings. One is the proper administration of human growth hormone and the other is menopausal hormone drugs treatment.

In clinical studies, it has been found that lower dose of growth hormone can restrict ageing in adults. It helps to increase muscle mass and decrease the amount of fat in the body. It also helps to increase the bone density that helps to increase the potential to work with increased muscle strength. Cenegenics help you to avoid the potential danger of using the growth hormone to delay the occurrence of ageing.

Controlled use of estrogens and other hormones like progestin became popular by the second half of the nineteen sixties. The trend became increasing in women for its popular results. But whatever its results were, there was a side effect of this treatment was found, and after that there was a restriction applied on it. Researches showed that long term use of estrogens hormones cause serious health problems to the women who have reached to the post-menopausal stage.

But no matter today, cenegenics have discovered the easiest and most convenient way to maintain your young age look without having any side effects. It is only because they don’t only use drugs but also they use physical exercise for the treatment. When there is a physical exercise in support of drugs, you don’t need to worry about any side effects.