Interior Glaze, the best secondary glazing in the market

Interior Glaze is the best secondary glazing window factory in London. Its products are designed with both quality and aesthetics in mind, which is why the aluminum extrusion system used to manufacture the windows is so thin that it hardly shows and is extremely resistant. Two pieces of glass are used with a plastic in the middle, which together does not exceed 6.4mm in thickness.

The secondary double glazing windows are highly effective for acoustic and thermal insulation and are built with excellent quality aluminum. If you have special requirements, you can opt for custom designs, equally efficient.

The advantages of opting for double-glazed windows are mainly to reduce external noise by up to 80% and keep the rooms warmer (which will lower your heating costs by up to 10% per year) or cooler, according to the season.

The products offered include frame windows, arched, folding or removable, sliding panels, guillotine, hinged. All can adapt perfectly to the environment of your commercial building, your home or even a building listed as heritage. In addition, Interior Glaze satisfies your specific window color preferences.

All Interior glaze secondary glazing london window designs are specified in detail on the page, indicating their dimensions, components, and aluminum extrusions, their excellent quality makes them very durable products and, in addition, they are low maintenance. On the other hand, they have a ten-year guarantee.

Our services are one of the best in the market, we will advise you when choosing the best material according to your needs. In Interior Glaze offer their clients the opportunity to make their inquiries for free through the website where they can fill out a form with all your questions and requirements. The team will show you all the products and adapt to the needs of your home. Visit us!