What should you know about loterias dominicanas?

The electronic lottery is made up of a set of electronic draws. This draw can take place at different point of time of the day. There are mainly four types of draws present in a real Dominican lottery. These are real lottery in the afternoon, real quinielita, real lotus and pega 4 real. Let us discuss each one of these in details. It will help you in knowing Winning numbers (numeros ganadores).

• Real lottos- In this type of lottery system, commutative lottery is drawn on every Friday and Tuesday each week. User has to choose 6 numbers between one and thirty-eight. To win the lottery you have to correctly guess six blouses within the draw. If you were slightly unlucky to correctly guess only five, four or three numbers correctly, then also you can win smaller prize. User can choose a number randomly or make use of machine too. The sale price of each lottery depends upon the winning prize.
• Hit 4 real- This one is a non-commutative lottery game. It consists of four numbers, as the name says. There is a minimum threshold amount for each play. There are two form of playing this particular game. They are exact form and combined form. In exact form, as the name implies, user shall win the money if he guesses all the four number correctly in correct sequence. Whereas in combined form, user will win the prize by just guessing the four numbers included in loterias dominicanasirrespective of the sequence.

• Real quinielita- The next category of game is real quinielita. In this game users have to choose a number between one and thirty-one. This game is a non-cumulative one. One has to guess the number played within the draw bolus. There is a minimum threshold charge for playing this game. Player win money for every peso played.
This article enlightens you about various game in loterias dominicanas