The wooden coasters, a true devotion

Do you find it difficult to think that wooden coasters or pot holders, one more name in which we also know him, employ a attractive source or history? Of course, indeed, and you will be shocked to know which more than fulfilling the particular function that individuals all know regarding protecting our surfaces through liquid leaks, you can also play a very important communicative task; that of checking the number of drinks that were ingested by piling the coasters and also counting them, or covering them to keep the account.

It was in 1867 that the first wooden coasters ever were created through the Henschel brothers within Germany. These types of first wooden coasters found replace the usage of small dishes of tin, earthenware, and porcelain that were used in a couple of ways; one was placed under the cup, bottle, pot or container, to protect the actual table or any other surface in which served because support, and the other; it was placed on the goblet, the glass or the pitcher to protect its state and temperature for a longer time. These first spectacles were made associated with cardboard to be more absorbing.
However, although the Henschel brothers have been the first to create the cardboard cup holder, the first product obvious of de Casalonga in the year 1879 within Paris, France. For the 12 months 1892, the company Ervin Faivre created another patent over a new mug holder made from a sponge or cloth material that offered much more absorption than cardboard. But for the same yr, the pressed wood cup holder came out as the most novel, long lasting material that offered the potential of presenting the a renowned beer imprinted on it.
These days, the use of wooden coasters has become popular for the specific perform but also for broadly decorative reasons, since we can combine this harmoniously with the rest from the elements that encompass it, however, if they retain their particular style since those created by Heartland Trading Co., where you can get the authentic wooden pot holder, special handmade with the best element of nature.