Want to know the eradication issues for bed bugs?

Over the past few years, there had been a massive extermination of the bed bug geneva (punaise de lit genève) from various parts and areas of the world. The use of the insecticides got rid of the attack of the particular bug but as the years passed by the more resistant species of the insect came into existence. The species of the bed buds these days are resistant to all the measures that were adopted in the past to eradicate them from the houses, buildings and even the hotels where they reside and colonize. Thus, the measures adopted nowadays to get rid of the insects and bugs from the house are more extreme and extensive.

The particular parasitic insects are able to stay close to their host just like the mosquitoes and feed on the blood of the humans or the animals. This is not the only reason for their removal from the house. The bed bug (punaise de lit) is able to transfer serious diseases to the humans and its bite can cause red itchy bumps on the skin that can vary from being mild to serious. They bite on the exposed skin and come out usually at night. The major advantage for the bug is that most of the times they are unnoticed and thus are ignored by the pest controllers.
The bed bugs are not because of the sanitation or cleanliness issue this is because of the fact that even if the place is kept clean and well sanitized the insect show up to the surprise of the owner at almost any place possible. The bed bug (punaise de lit) can also be found in various furniture types especially the second hand furniture bought for the houses. These can also be found in the seats of the airplanes and cars that might be because they get attached to the luggage of the people from various parts of the world.